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Baa atoll 

If you’re not a diver, you’ll still be able to encounter incredible wildlife whilst snorkelling, especially in the world famous Hanifaru Bay. Just a five-minute boat ride away, this small bay is a wonder to behold. Between June and November this small inlet just comes alive. Due to the currents and the shape of the bay, the water traps high numbers of phytoplankton, which in turn attract an astounding concentration of manta rays hoping to feed on these microscopic creatures. What’s more, whale sharks are also known to frequent the bay to join the feeding frenzy. As diving is banned in this bay, snorkelling is the best and only way to experience it. Swimming amongst them and observing their feeding behaviour is one excursion you simply cannot miss!

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Our modern, fully equipped dive centre run by our motely crew of Liquid Salt Divers is just around the corner from Aveyla Manta Village. Along with our 54-foot dive boat, we just love introducing our guests to the wonders of that Baa atoll has to offer. With 15-20 incredible dive sites within a 15-minute cruise, there are an impressive variety of dive spots. 


Fancy upgrading your certification whilst you’re with us? No problem! Our multi-lingual instructors can guide you through PADI courses and specialities and help you increase your diving knowledge. 


Challenging channel dives, chilled out drifts – diving here can take any pace. Large pelagic life and schools of colourful fish all swarm together to create an underwater landscape that will keep you coming back for more! 


That’s why we’re known as LSDivers; because diving with us is deeply addictive. 

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